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May 2016
Mastery requires absolute perfection. May I introduce myself as an older fellow that has endured at least 50 realtors in my life, most not hitting a 3 or 4 on a scale of 10. Keven Stirdivant is a 10. Keven cold called me many years ago. He was kind and direct. There was something in his voice that caused me to re-think selling our home. Keven encouraged me to give him a one time “week end” listing, which began a relationship that has brought immense satisfaction to me, and I hope, to Keven.

Keven sold our home… twice. This is embarrassing for me, but this story will show you the caliber of Keven’s character. The first sale I cancelled less than a week prior to close, as personal problems erupted. Keven was unbelievably sincere in taking my call and getting the word to the very disappointed buyer.

The second time Keven sold our home; I cancelled escrow the day before closing, due to a new personal reason. Keven had every right to become “UN-glued” and be furious with me. He was neither. In fact he was so genuinely concerned for my plight that I felt terrible for him. He treated me with more gracious civility than I deserved. He dealt with a genuinely irate commercial professional buyer that really knew how to apply the pressure to Keven, and Keven handled it with dignity. I really appreciated that a man of Keven’s substance was on my side…especially, when I did not deserve a person’s of Keven’s character to be kind to me.

Years went by, but we remained “in touch.” Keven’s business really took off, but you never knew it by his demeanor. My friend listed and sold his home with Keven in Newport Beach and despite some awkward moments with the buyer that Keven handled beautifully, my friend glows about Keven’s capability to find buyers and close the sale.

Awhile back Keven was again on our street, this time handing out flyers to our neighborhood. With him were several determined, elegant, nice young men. They were learning the business from Keven and ate up his every word. They told me when Keven was not around that Keven was the best thing that had happened to them…in their life, as his knowledge was vast and his ability to communicate so clear. They were thrilled to be working and learning from him.

What surprised me about these young men was their ability to relate to me in a genuine, realistic sense, which they said they learned from Keven. It was a shock to feel their sincerity and I kept them around to inquire about how they learned to become engaging. As I have learned from my many years, it is not so much what you know; it is what you do with what you know that matters. Keven, and his team which at last count seemed to be around 20 real estate experts, leads by example…from his heart. He gets results because he listens and he cares. And he seems to hire people that want to learn to listen and care.

My endorsement of Keven Stirdivant is this: Keven is one of the most ambitious, capable, fair, generous, hardworking people you will ever meet. His heart and his talents line up to best serve his clients. While he may look boyish, don’t be fooled by his youthful good looks. He has been learning and teaching college level real estate courses for years. He does not sit back and direct; he personally makes 50 phone calls a day and visits many…he trains by example…and he gets results.

And the best thing about Keven is that he is humble and has an amazing wife and family. For my real estate needs the only number I call is Keven’s. It should be yours too!

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